Who Cares ~ WeCARE


A WeCARE Village

The small, yet very determined WeCARE group continues their mission to build a collaborative, non-judgmental, environment to support addiction recovery through education, advocacy, and compassionate community action.  Still, what they lack in numbers, this grass roots movement that seeks to “Break the Stigma” of untreated drug and alcohol addiction makes up for in spirit.  The message they carry is simple, they care.

Some have been concerned about the slow growth of  WeCARE while untreated drug and alcohol addiction does not rest.  Could it be some of us struggle with the old, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” adage? Does this deeply ingrained, social construct, influence our willingness to offer a compassionate humane response to those who struggle with addiction.  Can we rise above the detached “not my problem” mantra and begin to support our neighbors who are so very ill?

Together, in a group such as WeCARE, we can make a difference, through the creation of a new paradigm of understanding and compassion for people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.  We must develop innovative solutions for untreated drug and alcohol addiction and finally turn the page on a new chapter, one of understanding and love for the afflicted.

So who’s up for building a village (another old adage) of care and concern for our friends and neighbors? Will we, the people of Waldo County, open our hearts to the sufferers and their families who struggle daily with the real-life demon of untreated drug and alcohol addiction?  Can we find a way to show them we are here to help?

WeCARE has opened the conversation and everyone is invited to bring their creative ideas to the table so as a community, we can begin to take care of our own.  It will take all of us to end the plague. Like all social movements, a slow, steady, dedicated response is needed for WeCARE to succeed.  Let’s remember positive community action will not worsen the addiction epidemic in our streets, schools, homes, and businesses, just the opposite, we will put untreated drug and alcohol addiction on notice.

On Monday, April 27, at 6:00 at the First Baptist Church on High Street, WeCARE will have their monthly meeting and everyone is invited to be part of the WeCARE movement.  Let’s create a fearless community, a WeCARE Village, where everyone is cared for regardless of their troubles.

If you would like additional information about WeCARE meetings and events, please click on the “Upcoming Events” tab on the opening page of this website.  Thank you!