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A New Friend

Last evening at our monthly community potluck supper, a new face appeared in the crowd.  Of course we all welcomed “Arthur ” to sit and share a meal with us.  When we finished eating, a group member stood and shared her recovery journey.  Then it was on to our entertainment for the evening.   Brian Hallinan, a Rockland, Maine vocalist and guitarist opened his one man show.  As Brian finished up the Harry Nillson song, “One is the Loneliest Number” our new friend, Arthur, approached the stage and stood at the microphone.  Quietly he said, “I would like to say a few words.”  “Yes, of course” murmured the small crowd and our new friend spoke humbly about the losses in his life due to drug and alcohol addiction, and how he knew he had been guided by some unknown Grace to arrive at our door.  The group listened with compassion and Arthur clearly felt supported and loved.  As he finished his recovery journey, Arthur said he could sing too.  Without pause, he joined with Brian to sing several songs including the iconic, “Ruby Tuesday” and we all joined in.  As Nillson so aptly wrote:

One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

And that my friends is why WeCARE is important…please join us at our next community meeting on Monday, August 31st at 6:00 at the First Baptist Church of Belfast, 95 High Street.

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