WeCARE Volunteer Form

WeCARE envisions a “Bridge to Recovery” built by a concerned community to support addiction recovery in Waldo County. Do you see yourself as part of a “Recovery Resource Team” eager to help individuals and their families affected by untreated drug and alcohol addiction? To launch our mission, we invite holistic practitioners, wellness providers, hobbyists,, and instructors in the arts to share their expertise.

WeCARE envisions an open network of community providers and resources to create a practical and accessible Recovery Resource Guide to people in need.

We also call upon people in recovery, to offer support, guidance, and love to those who suffer as they once suffered. WeCARE appeals to all community members to extend a hand of compassion and understanding to their neighbors.

Please use the form below to become a partner in a community action response to “End The Stigma~Recovery Is Possible” in Waldo County Maine.

Thank you!

Please summarize the skills, and offering(s) you have acquired from life, employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities, including hobbies or sports.
Please summarize your previous volunteer experience.