WeCARE Rally & Community Potluck

WeCARE gathers together even when the temps drop below 10 degrees…


And later at the First Baptist Church of Belfast, Concepta Jones warmed our hearts…


Please join us at our next first Saturday of the month, our next Rally and Potluck will be on May 2, 2015 The WeCARE Rally 4 Recovery, is noon to 2:00 in front of the Belfast Post Office

(hot cocoa, tea, and cookies inside the Belfast Police Station)

Then later at 5:00 pm, let’s gather for a WeCARE community potluck supper at the

First Baptist Church of Belfast on High Street…great food, great folks, and great surprise entertainment ~ a free-will offering enthusiastically sponsored by ~

WeCARE: Waldo Encourages Community Assisted Recovery Efforts

Our Mission: To build a collaborative, non-judgmental, environment to support addiction recovery through education, advocacy, and compassionate community action

~ One person at a time, we will end the stigma of untreated drug and alcohol addiction ~

WeCARE Presentation – A Cared For Community

At our January 26th meeting, our newest WeCARE Board Member, Pamela Whitt, Ph.D. presented a game board which provided a visual map of the future movement of WeCARE.  This creative display invited WeCARE group members to brainstorm and contribute their ideas as play cards on the game board.  Through this lively session, innovative offerings appeared to guide WeCARE forward. A Summary of Pamela’s Presentation It is the nature of human thought to pack many different and conflicting ideas inside emotional problems. This tendency demonstrates how much we care about an issue and how invested we are in removing painful parts. Addiction and Recovery are… Read More 

New Years By The Bay

WeCARE: Waldo Encourages Community Assisted Recovery Efforts will celebrate New Years By The Bay, at the Belfast Police Station from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

At the Police Station Garage – Church St. left of  Post Office Square – 6:00-6:45pm, 7:00-7:45pm, & 8:00-8:45pm.  Random Ideas the only alternative/punk rock band you’ll ever see that contains 16 year old triplet girls! With Kinsey, on guitar and harmony on vocals, Meagan on drums, and Lexi on bass and vocals, they will cover songs from Nirvana to Paramore, with a few originals too! In addition Michael Connors, aka Mike John will perform recovery-type raps at 6:45-7:00pm, 7:45-8:00pm & 8:45-9:00pm.

WeCARE welcomes the community to drop by the lobby of the police station to see our winning logo created by Waldo County Technical School student, Logan Seekins, of Searsport, along with all the creative entries in our “WeCARE Logo contest”.

Please enjoy hot cider and cookies before heading around back to the police garage to watch the girls perform along with our special guest “Mike John” a new recovery rapper and a member of WeCARE.  Mike John, a noteworthy rapper for many years has decided to bring his talent back to the community, he is our “Rapper for Recovery”.  He is supported in this endeavor, by Matt Sommer, also a WeCARE member, and audio engineer, who provided his unique mixology experience in his recording studio, “Out Of Nowhere” to assist Mike John to prepare his performance.

Recovery resources will be available in the lobby, along with hand warmers, as everyone knows how cold it can be!

This is a free-will offering venue and we are a button-free.

All proceeds will be used to advance the WeCARE mission to build a collaborative, nonjudgmental environment to support addiction recovery through advocacy, education, and compassionate community action.

Hope to see you there…