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Waldo Encourages Community Assisted Recovery Efforts

Mission: To build a collaborative, non-judgmental, environment to support addiction recovery through education, advocacy, and compassionate community action.

WeCARE has begun the promotion of addiction recovery awareness and education of untreated and/or under treated drug and alcohol addiction in Waldo County through public service events and civic presentations.

WeCARE has an immediate goal to create a team of Recovery Support Partners. These trained Recovery Support Partners, will provide practical information and compassionate concern to people afflicted with untreated and/or under treated drug and alcohol addiction.

WeCARE plans a recovery community center, to serve as a visible, de-stigmatized, presence for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. From this base of operation, a safe, friendly, and cooperative environment would be created to begin or continue the recovery process. We envision a referral service to fulfill basic needs. We see self-help group meetings along with varied recovery-based choices.

WeCARE envisions, in our recovery community center, a residential setting for people in early-sustained recovery. The Restorative Justice Project of midcoast Maine has indicated their interest in our mission. They understand the need for a transitional/residential type setting for the men they mentor at the Maine Coastal Regional Re-entry Center.

WeCARE visualizes a self-sustained Recovery Art & Crafts Cafe as part of our community recovery center, managed by people in recovery, supported by caring patrons, local artists, and public-spirited humanitarians.

WeCARE believes with education, advocacy, and compassionate community action, people will begin to understand drug and alcohol addiction for what it is, a malady, which affects the body, mind, and spirit of its’ sufferers.

Please check our Upcoming Events Tab for the dates of our WeCARE meetings and community events.  Thank you and we hope you will join with us to “Break the Stigma”  


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